Monday, October 22, 2012

Damn Pegasus WIP

This one is about month and a half old but never got around to finishing it.
It's quite a mess right now, but hopefully I'll pull it off.
Basically the guy's walking out of the "Wandermart" to find that a wild pegasus devastated his car by taking a crap from high enough.
A bit scatological, but hey, I was in a shitty mood back then. Also the "ammo" will be rainbow colored, cuz you know...pegasus ,and it will make it a bit easier on the eyes.
The idea originated from some Adam Carolla rant I herd a while back.


  1. Very cool work Plamen! Love the characters !

    1. Thanks a lot man. You've got a loyal fan here. :P

  2. This is awesome... yet again... I love how you're handling the lighting in all of your pieces. There's a ton to be learned from you. So, thank you for that:)

  3. That's very flattering, thanks Yuriy. Though i don't feel like i deserve such a high praising ,your compliment is quite welcome.:D